Beyonce Was The Queen of Instagram in 2017

Where were you that fateful day when Beyoncé posted her now iconic pregnancy announcement? It not only raised the bar for pregnancy announcement photo shoots everywhere, it now has the incredible honor of being named Instagram’s most popular post of 2017!

It turns out the top ten most popular posts are from the same three (extremely photogenic and good-looking) people: Beyonce, Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo. The top three are all celebrations of life, Queen B’s pregnancy announcement, the birth of Ronaldo’s child and Selena Gomez sharing that her friend gave her a kidney.

Beyonce posted a photo of the twins one month after they were born, which became the fourth most popular post of the year. Cristiano Ronaldo also had the most popular celebrity video.

Per the suggestion of our Branded Content Editor, Matt Gurry, I started following Helen Mirren on Instagram and I think we should all try and make sure she makes an appearance on this list next year.

More end of year round-ups:


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