Need a Digital Detox? There’s a Browser Extension For That

With the holidays coming up, you may find yourself considering a break from the internet or a digital detox. If your want is stronger than your will, this browser extension is here to help.

With one simple download, Nothing on the Internet will remove the content from whatever web pages you’re looking at, leaving only blank shapes and colors.

Created by design team Sideline Collective, Nothing On The Internet touts itself as a sort of minimalist, mindfulness guru extension for Chrome and Safari. It doesn’t stop you from accessing the internet, it just takes away the words and images that drive you to distraction:

With the click of a button, witness all the noise and clutter that occupies so much of our “busy” lives, that feeds our deepest fears and shallowest desires, witness it all vanish in an instant. Clean, pure and serene, the internet devoid of any content. This is what you have been browsing for all these years. This is the antidote. And this is our gift to you: Nothing on the Internet.

Is it counterintuitive for us to post this on the internet? Sure. But if you’ve participated in our January Cure before, you know we regularly recommend taking a media fast (PS: you can sign up here to get on the list for 2018!).

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h/t Fast Co. Design


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