Before & After: This Costco Playhouse Got Customized for Christmas

If you’ve just spent hours assembling your child’s new dollhouse, or are still pulling things together for Christmas morning, then you might not want to see this. Because mom Melissa just turned this generic brown Costco playhouse into a winter wonderland of beauty. If you want ideas for next year’s gift, or have an old playhouse that needs a makeover, read on and be amazed at the transformation

The original brown wood playhouse was cute but, after a couple of years, needed some TLC. So, Melissa thought it would be fun to give the playhouse a traditional holiday makeover. With some simple changes, the end result is so dramatic.

The remodel took quite a while — 3 coats of paint, plus another couple of hours to add finishing touches such as the extra pieces of wood and decorations. But she loves how the Christmas playhouse turned out, and —best of all —the kids loved the hot cocoa and cookies on the menu!

Melissa is a children’s interior designer (can you tell?) so head over to her website Winter Daisy for more examples of her work.

You can also find a similar playhouse here if you love this idea so much, and want to do the same yourself.

Thanks Melissa!


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