Would You Use a Scale That Didn’t Tell You Your Actual Weight?

If you’ve ever tried to lose weigh,t you are probably familiar with the conventional wisdom of weighing yourself regularly. Some programs recommend weighing one’s self once a week; others every single day. It can be a frustrating process with the numbers going up or down depending on water retention, time of day and all sorts of little things that can make an already emotional experience slightly harder. A new scale wants to take the numbers out of weigh-ins, and focus on where you are on your weight loss journey.

Shapa was developed by entrepreneur and social scientist Dan Ariely who wanted to create a weight management system that helps develop healthy habits by removing the roadblocks that often discourage people. Stepping on the scale daily is good, but our implicit bias and impatience turn natural weight fluctuations into insurmountable setbacks, causing folks to abandon their routines. Ariely thinks that if people get a general sense of their weight and health, along with tailored suggestions, they will find greater, longer lasting success.

The program is one part scale, one part fitness and eating app. Instead of your actual weight, you get a color to help monitor your progress and the app creates your “Shapa age” based off of your health data. It is a fairly expensive program, with the scale itself costing $129 (but on sale till January 8th) and the program coming in at $9.99 a month (also on sale).

h/t Co. Design

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