These Were Our Favorite Bathrooms in 2017

I spend a lot of time looking at bathrooms, and in 2017 I saw some very nice ones — but these 13 bathroom stuck out to me as the best and the most beautiful. There’s a lot to see here: interesting fixtures, bold colors, and best of all, lots and lots of tile. Beautiful, beautiful tile.

Above, penny tile adds luxurious texture to the walls of a bathroom by GRT Architects. I love the combination of the black faucet and showerhead with the brass light fixtures.

Who could’ve known that square tile could look so elegant and modern? In this bathroom from 34 Kvadrat, a deep green tile, set in an ashlar pattern, is the perfect complement to that gorgeous green marble.

Black, white and gold is always a good choice, and this bathroom by Maayan Zusman is no exception. (The hex tile on the floor is pretty great, too.)

From Maison Creative, evidence that tiny tile is back — and, in the right application, can look surprisingly modern.

I’m currently a little obsessed with Italian design, and their bathrooms are no exception. This example from SCEG incorporates bold colors and bold shapes.

This bathroom from the Henrietta Hotel is a calming shade of blush pink. And there are plenty of playful and unexpected details, like the scalloped marble around the mirror and the tile in the shower, which is laid at a 45 degree angle. Also lead image above.

Teal green tile, laid in a herringbone pattern, covers this bathroom from Justina Blakeney, for a beautiful, almost otherworldly feel.

Simple elegance is the theme of this bathroom from Shapeless Studio. The black accents add a stylish touch, and the zellige tiles that cover the shower and tub contribute a lovely, subtle texture.

Of all my favorite bathrooms of 2017, this one from Architectural Digest might be my very favorite. That tile totally makes the room, and the white fixtures are the perfect complement.

In further tile news, patterned cement tile covers the walls, floor, and even the ceiling of this bathroom from Contemporist, creating a beautiful, immersive experience.

From Dezeen, here’s another example of square tile looking surprisingly modern. I love the bold colors and the simple elegance of the minimal vanity.

This hotel bathroom from Dorothée Meilichzon, via her Instagram, shines with diamond-shaped and basketweave tile. (The layered mirrors and the asymmetrical light are also lovely details, and worth copying.)

From Archilovers, here’s one last bathroom with beautiful tile — green square tile, laid with matching grout so it reads almost as a texture, rather than a tile. And those hanging lamps would be perfect in any space, but feel particularly luxurious in the bathroom.


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