39 Times Pets Were So Cute I Barely Noticed the Decor

This year’s house tours featured some of the most gorgeous homes yet. Stunning studio apartments were small but beautifully furnished. There were homes that were short on stuff, but big on style. We even saw well-decorated tiny homes…on wheels. Frankly, homes across America AND around the world impressed me with warm, welcoming, unique and lovely interiors. Really the only thing I enjoyed seeing more than the beautiful homes…were the amazingly adorable furry inhabitants!

Disclaimer: This is only the TINIEST bunch of cute pets from all the perfect cats and dogs from tours this year…and they’re in no particular order at all. (They’re ALL good dogs and cats.) You may be wondering, “Is this post a shameless excuse to look at and think about adorable pets?” The answer is yes. You’re welcome.

Winnie with a fresh haircut means I don’t even notice her parents’ cool Brooklyn digs.

I can see nothing else in this modern Midwest home when James is smiling at the camera like that.

Pups that look like their fur is blowing in a breeze while sitting on a bed steal all my attention away from colorful art and throw pillows.

Even in a former church-turned-apartment that’s filled with a collection of interesting vintage items, my eyes are only for this kitty.

Not even a show-stopping, curvy, crimson red vintage couch in this bright LA loft can tear me away from Muad’Dib’s gorgeous cat form.

There are a ton of stunning, local, hand-made things to look at in Kagan and Linda’s home, but did you see Scallion the Cat hanging in a macrame basket?

A green couch, rainbow wall and giant flower art piece have nothing on Worf and Princess Leia.

Chap’s smile could pretty much steal the attention from any room’s decor, even this stylish Chicago loft.

Millie, an elegant long lady, knows a great chair when she sees one.

This pupper’s fur coloring complements beautifully the interior color palette, but Rico still wins as cutest!

Joey, a bandanna-wearing beauty, understands that two poufs are better than one in this Oakland apartment.

The hip swinging chair in this Pennsylvania home is cool, but Rigby the pup is cooler.

Rigby’s brother Conor has also been known to steal the show in any room.

The interior of this Airstream is modern and hip and beautiful but all I can think about are these two perfect pooches.

Everyone knows New Orleans homes like this house are filled with bold color and interesting art, but Ferdinand stands out among it all.

Dakota is prettier than all the pretty things in his mom’s house and he knows it.

Bunny Bell’s dark coat contrasts beautifully with her mom’s all-white glam condo.

Leo the Chow Chow rules this Detroit roost and it’s clear why.

What view? What stunning mid-century modern architecture? All I see are these two sassy ladies, Sophie and Sasha.

Over 25 collections, 14 different paint-colored walls and a big sparkly pink chandelier, but Tater Tot is by far the most beautiful in this NYC home.

Liz and Tim’s RV is a boho glam dream space, but Bo and Cudi are clearly the ones with the most style.

Animal is so elegant that even a cute California home full of fabulous floral wallpaper is no match.

Charlie is pawsitively the best thing about this Portland home, even in a living room full of hip ’70s vintage finds.

This cat’s blue eyes could steal the show from even a collection-filled New Orleans home.

Even with the homeowner of this spacious house being an Anthropologie employee, the handsome face of Ramsey the bulldog still wins as the most attractive!

Tron can get on top of the counters of this New Orleans house — or any house, really — every day.

This small NYC studio space is full of muted, earthy tones, and the cool, fresh coat of Kitty stands out.

I’m not entirely convinced this cat is real (those eyes!) but taking attention away from such a beautifully decorated Dutch home is an impressive feat.

Jordan’s Seattle home is a stunner — full of great thrifted treasures and a warm, industrial modern vibe — but I can’t take my eyes off Agatha.

Lemon’s beautiful coat complements this Seattle home’s living room’s natural wood elements perfectly.

Who cares about all the pattern in this High Point house when these two pugs exist?!

I love the colorful throw pillows, the bright yellow blanket and the patterned rug in this Philadelphia home, but Jackson is splendid.

It’s a good thing Bella doesn’t live full time in this Ontario home, or else who would be able to focus on the lovely art?

I actually got to see this unique New Orleans attic apartment in person, and while I agree it’s extraordinary, I spent most of my time drooling over Henri.



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