Before & After: A Brand New Use For a Messy, Stuffed Closet

I think many of us have spaces like this one in our homes: crammed with secret stashes of stuff that, over time, get a little out of control. We often don’t even need most of the things in there, which makes it a colossal waste of square footage. This year, Robin and Ed not only cleaned out their 44″ x 43″ closet, but found a completely new use for the little room. Here’s a hint: it’s not storage any more.

Instead of a repository of unwanted stuff, Robin and Ed turned the closet in their basement into a sweet powder room. It didn’t have any plumbing β€” yes, because it was a closet! β€” and presented them with a number of challenges along the way, including how to lay out the space. Robin especially didn’t want the toilet to be front and center when you opened the door (a great idea in my book, not only for the visual effect, but also for the comfort of those users who might fear sudden exposure).

There’s lots to love about the new bathroom. For starters, there’s the sophisticated wall paneling and “wallpaper” β€” which isn’t wallpaper at all, but a pattern stenciled with metallic paint. But perhaps the best, and most practical, feature is the organic-yet-modern floating vanity paired with a space-saving IKEA sink. Robin and Ed figured out how to make it for only $30 and the custom design keeps the bathroom as open and airy as possible. It also manages to hide all the plumbing underneath with its waterfall edge.

Great job on the bathroom, and what a great use of the space! For more photos, and details about the build, head over the Frugal Family Times.

Thanks for sharing Robin and Ed!


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