6 Big Bathroom Trends We’re Not Ready To Say Goodbye To

It’s fun to look back over the year and review what was big in interiors, noting which trends we’re happy to bid farewell, and which we hope have serious staying power. Here are some of our favorite bathroom looks from 2017, which we’re not quite ready to see go away.

#1: Round Mirrors: Statement mirrors in general were big this year, but large round ones were everywhere and with good reason: they are great way to soften the hard lines of a modern bathroom. Above, a modern bohemian bathroom renovation from Domino shows how a single oversized one, placed over a vanity, is especially eye-catching.

#2: Vintage Rugs: Real rugs, as opposed to bath mats, go a long way towards elevating bathrooms into something special — yet they are still functional. In just a few square feet of space, they also pack in personality and pattern. Above, Brittni Mehlhoff’s rental bathroom got a little update using —you guessed it — a vintage rug.

#3: Dark Colors: We were a moody bunch in 2017 and our bathrooms reflected that mindset. We saw a lot of somber wall and tile colors in the bathroom, thankfully balanced with happier accents, like brass fixtures or pattern tile. This Paris apartment blends classic vintage styling with dramatic black subway tiles to create a lot of atmosphere.

#4: Amazing Tile: This is a golden age of tile, and Lena Headley’s gorgeous home houses one of the best examples of our current pattern-happy time period. She picked this turquoise and white tile herself for the master bathroom, after seeing it on Pinterest.

#5: Freestanding Tubs: I’ve heard we have Joanna Gaines to thank for the popularity of freestanding tubs. As seen in this Antwerp abode, this one feature makes a room more luxe, adds a serious style statement, and, despite their size, can also feel more spacious as opposed to blocky built-in versions. There’s lots to love.

#6: Plants: Yep, I think it’s safe to say that plants are a big thing right now, and they add welcome life and texture to any space. Succulents, ferns, tropicals, you name it — whatever style you love, there’s a plant to match that mood, and they all made their way to the bathroom in 2017. Above, a Sydney beach house playing happy host to a bevy of greenery.



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