10 Creative Solutions to Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

When you think about it, cabinets are pretty much just gaping holes that can get really, really messy. If you don’t have the right organizational systems in place in there, it doesn’t matter how many cabinets you have — you still won’t be storing and organizing to your kitchen’s full potential.

Make over your cabinets with some of these creative solutions.

1. Adjust your shelves.

When was the last time you adjusted your kitchen cabinets’ shelves? You don’t need to keep them where they are just because it’s where they’ve been. If you have a lot of wasted space between the top of your items and the next shelf, consider moving the top one down. Or if you are storing bottles on their sides (or on the counter) because they don’t fit on a shelf, move some around so there’s room.

2. Use shelf risers.

If you have that extra space described above and could really benefit from more shelves, consider shelf risers. They practically double the usable space on a single shelf.

3. Steal file holders from your home office.

Office supplies — especially file folder holders — make great organizers in the kitchen. Use one to stack pans, platters, cutting boards, and more either vertically or horizontally. Please note: We said home office. We do not advocate stealing from your employer!

See more: Stacking Pans at Martha Stewart

4. Repurpose magazine holders.

While you’re rummaging through your home office, keep this in mind: Magazine holders are the perfect size to hold water bottles. Grab some (ideally wooden ones, like these featured on Driven by Decor) and turn them on their side.

5. Pick up an extra dish rack.

This hack will help if you have little kids (and a ton of their dishes) in the house. But it’s also useful if you happen to have a lot of seasonal melamine dinnerware. For the winter, you should pack the stuff away, but pin this idea now so that you can remember it come spring.

6. Add hooks to the doors.

We’ve seen plenty of Pinterest photos suggesting hooks on cabinet doors to hang measuring cups and spoons. But this idea from Everyday Occasions also includes stand mixer attachments, which is just brilliant.

See more: Baking Pantry in a Cabinet at Everyday Occasions

7. Make a spice rack with a tension rod.

A single tension rod — close to the back of the cabinet — creates an instant shelf for small spice containers that would otherwise just clutter up a cabinet. Great idea, The Family Handyman!

See how it’s done: How to Make a DIY Spice Rack at The Family Handyman

8. Get stackable containers.

Any time you can streamline your containers to be uniform in size and shape, you’ll save extra space and create an overall neater look. This cabinet-turned-pantry from The Social Home should be all the inspiration you need.

See more pics: Dollar Store Pantry Makeover at The Social Home

9. Use the bottoms of your cabinets.

Just when you think your cabinets are totally full and they can’t possibly hold another thing, consider the undersides of them! You can add hooks to the bottoms to hold mugs and small tools. Or use magnetic strips to make a floating spice rack.

10. Use the sides of your cabinets.

The sides of your cabinets are great places for shelves, storage racks, hooks, and more. That space otherwise goes totally wasted!

How do you make extra space in your kitchen cabinets?



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