Before and After: A ’60s Kitchen Gets A Majorly Overdue Update

It pains me to say anything negative about a room containing so much gorgeous wood, so I’ll just say this: while this old kitchen had its charms, the new one is bold, spacious, and totally user-friendly.

So different! This major undertaking was the vision—and partially the handiwork—of Lovebergs At Home. The wall-to-wall wood has been replaced with bright white upper cabinetry and dramatic black lower drawers, slate floor, quartz countertops, and island. The gleaming fridge, hood, stove, and stools add shine, while the wood counters and open shelving add an organic warmth to the monochromatic room.

We saw the raised cabinets/lower open shelf combination in another Before & After recently, and I think that arrangement works just as well here. Of course, I’m saying that as a nearly-six-foot-tall person, so your mileage may vary.

Here’s the dining room as it was before; it’s one of those rooms which is perfectly fine (that floor is gorgeous) but doesn’t come together fully. Instead of picking it apart, let’s dive into the real fun: the money. After receiving a quote for $50,000, the Lovebergs decided to DIY a few aspects themselves, resulting in a renovation that took five weeks and cost approximately $31,600. Don’t miss the detailed cost breakdown, including discounts.

The ample cabinetry provides storage for all the endless things that need to be stored somewhere, while the white doors unite the dining room with the kitchen in the same way the black chairs do with the black island and drawers. The table is close enough to the kitchen to provide convenience, without making diners feel as if they’re eating in a work area. Well done!

Thank you Lovebergs At Home. We hope you are enjoying your two new rooms!


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