9 Things To Buy In January If You Want To Save Big

When the holiday music finally stops playing in stores, it doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the shopping season. (Though it does signal the start of the “returns and exchange” season.) The immediate after-holiday deals can be enticing, but there are a few specific bargains that can be had if you can wait until any day after January 1. See, good things really do come to those who wait.

Bed & Bath Linens

Annual white sales have been a thing since 1878, when John Wanamaker started this grand old tradition to entice shoppers (and help clear out inventory) during a usually slow period. Stores still use this month as an opportunity to clear out their older inventory of bedding, towels, throws, and occasionally pillows. It’s not just department stores that do the white sales, either—Pottery Barn, Amazon and Overstock have gotten in on the action, too.


In January, showrooms and shops slash prices on furniture to make room for fresh inventory in February. Though you’ll find bargains on other pieces, sofas present some of the biggest opportunities to save.

Carpets & Rugs

Though rugs are often bought before friends and family make their holiday visit, they’re actually cheaper post-holiday.

Fitness Equipment

It’s all about those New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re not in the market for a treadmill (or have already been through the whole “buy a treadmill to use as an expensive clothing rack” process), but even smaller things like weights, resistance bands and even yoga blocks are included in sales, particularly at places like Target.

Gift Cards

One person’s unwanted gift card is another’s treasure. Lifehacker points out that this time of year, many are exchanging their gift cards for cash. Through websites like CardCash, you’ll be able to buy these gift cards at discounted prices.


The other big seasonal to-do this time of year is the Super Bowl—which means that retailers often discount their televisions just in time for viewing party hosts to make their upgrades during the weeks leading up to the big day (February 4, if you were curious).

Interior Paint

It’ll depend on the temperature in your part of the country on whether or not you’ll actually be able to tackle some projects, but January can be a great month to buy paint. Also, it’s a great time to hire a painter, who often discount their services during this slow period.


At the high-end of the market, treasures await at the famed Winter Antiques Show in New York. (Hotels are also often cheaper in NYC in January, if that helps stretch that treasure budget for out-of-towners.) Estate sale or thrift shopper? You might just benefit from the sheer number of people who either donated their items before end of year, or held off on having an estate sale during the holidays, along with those whose New Year’s resolutions involved finally clearing clutter.

Calendars & Planners

If your resolution was to get organized, you’ll get planners and calendars at very big discounts in January. Sure, the stock might be limited to the point where you can only choose between “Nuns on Bikes” or “Cow Yoga” themes, but maybe the ridiculousness will bring a little laughter to the daunting road ahead.



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