Here’s Why The Golden Globes Red Carpet Will Look Different This Year

For fashion lovers, award shows (and pre-shows) are a time to ooh and ahh over the latest looks on our favorite stars. For 2018 though, the Golden Globes’ red carpet will look a little different—and for an important reason.

In early December, after the growing list of accusations stacked up against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful Hollywood insiders, several actresses—including Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain—announced that they would be wearing black to protest harassment and stand in solidarity with the victims.

And while sartorial protest is nothing new (attendees can often be seen wearing ribbons of one cause or another), new meaning was given to the act on January 1, when 300 prominent female actors, directors, and executives published an open letter in the New York Times. The new initiative, called Time’s Up, includes a legal defense fund to help blue collar women stand up to harassers. It also specifically calls for women who walk the red carpet to “speak out and raise awareness by wearing black.”

Even fashion reporting will see a change; The Cut has decided not to rank the red carpet looks, as they usually would, into “best,” “worst,” or “weirdest.”

Instead, we will only identify which designers dressed which actresses, in whatever colors they choose to wear, because that feels like relevant information. Ultimately, we’re doing this out of respect for the cause and in acknowledgement that, well, the game has changed. At least for one night.

Will other outlets follow suit? Maybe… but probably not, as E! News has a 36o-degree red carpet camera burning a hole in their pocket.

The Golden Globes are live on CBS this Sunday, January 7, and will be hosted by Seth Meyers.


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