Leftover Wrapping Paper? This Woman’s Gowns Will Make You Do a Double Take

My Aunt Gloria used to save every bit of wrapping paper she could get her hands on. It would reappear on next year’s round of Christmas presents, and the cycle would repeat until the paper would eventually give out. Unconventional upcycling or re-using wrapping paper is nothing new, but cosplayer and costume designer Olivia Mears has taken the wrapping paper game to a whole new level.

Many of Mears’ designs are worth checking out, but her wrapping paper gowns are particularly stunning. Made only from wrapping paper and other holiday decorations, they could easily pass for traditional ball gowns. Incredibly detailed and well made, the dresses are truly an impressive feat of design ingenuity. Her unconventional use of wrapping paper would certainly make my Aunt Gloria proud. The gowns are so well made, Mears even wears them out and about, although she had to re-do one of them after an unfortunate run in with some rain.

According to her website, Mears “focuses on original designs in both fine art and fashion, cosplay, ‘food fashion’ and wearable art of unconventional materials.” Mears and her designs frequently go viral and for good reason—her Taco Bell dress was even part of a national campaign.

Be sure to check out her Instagram to see her wrapping paper dresses and other stunning designs.

More Instagram accounts to follow:

h/t Hello Giggles



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