Modern Minimalism Meets Traditional Beautifully in Brooklyn — House Call

Name: Bev Wilson
Location: Boerum Hill — Brooklyn, New York
Size: 975 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, owned

“I am a Brooklyn-based lawyer with a passion for interior design and photography,” writes Bev Wilson of Room Sauce. “My Instagram and website document the renovation of my fixer upper apartment, my design and staging projects, and my design travels. When I bought my apartment, it had been used as a rental for over ten years and was not in good shape. I decided to renovate the entire apartment; it’s been a lot of fun to document that process.”

What is your favorite room and why? The living room is my favorite because it went through the biggest transformation. During the renovation, I turned the main living space into a living room/dining room combo and used rugs and light fixtures to anchor distinct spaces in one room. The renovation made the space much more versatile and comfortable.

“Storage in New York apartments can be challenging, so during my renovation I added as much storage as possible. I decided to do my own take on a ‘fauxdenza’ and added Ikea kitchen cabinets down the length of my living room wall. The cabinets were then topped with burnt pine to add some contrast. They add a lot of storage and are a great way to hide wires!”

(Image credit: Bev Wilson)

If you could magically change something about your home, what would it be? Most of the apartment gets great light, but I wish that the entryway got more natural light.

“The great Julia Child inspired me to maximize the space in my small kitchen by adding a pegboard, which helps with storage and makes pots and pans easy to access. There was also an awkward space off of the kitchen next to the fridge that I wasn’t sure what to do with when renovating my place. A woodworker that I know suggested adding some shallow display shelves and I originally thought he was crazy! We ended up coming up with a concept together and the shelves are now one of my favorite parts of the apartment.”

(Image credit: Bev Wilson)

Which fictional character would be most at home in your place? I think Garfield would be very at home in my place. I’m always drinking coffee, make a great lasagna, and there are lots of comfy spots to take cat naps.

“I love my kitchen now, but when I first bought my apartment it felt small and dark. To keep costs down, I kept the existing counters and backsplash, but painted the cabinets white and refinished the floors. The light cabinets and dark floors make the space feel bigger to me and I also added a shallow dresser that serves as additional counter space and storage.”

(Image credit: Bev Wilson)

“I kept my bedroom simple because it isn’t a big room. One of the difficult design elements in the apartment were the AC units in every room that were bulky and not very attractive. To cover them up, I had these wooden covers made that I love.”

(Image credit: Bev Wilson)

Any advice for creating a home you love? Don’t rush designing your home. As much as I love minimalism, my apartment looked a little stark for my first year there because I didn’t buy things simply to fill the space. It took time to figure out what pieces worked in the apartment and I’m glad I was patient when it came to adding furniture and decor.

“My photography is all done with a mirrorless camera and not my phone, so I spend a lot of time editing photos and writing in my study. It’s a cozy room that I really enjoy working in.”

(Image credit: Bev Wilson)

Thanks, Bev Wilson!

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