The Best Things We’ve Bought For Our Homes from Amazon — Editors’ Picks

We all have those unassuming, everyday things we buy that become game changers for our homes, right? They might not be the flashiest most stylish finds, but they are products that just make adult life easier (or at the very least, more bearable). These are the items we tell our friends/family/anyone that will listen about. (For instance: "Ermahgerd, I just got this new hamper that makes laundry suck a little less and everyone needs one!"…true story, read on for more on said hamper.)

I reached out to a handful of Apartment Therapy staffers to pick their brains about their own favorite mundane-but-awesome purchases they made in the last year from the mundane-but-awesome Amazon, because where else do you buy the humdrums of home?

It’s not the sexiest home item, but boy is it a lifesaver. While I’m sure the sorter would work great for a multiple-person household (which was my initial purpose for purchasing), I’ve found it works great for one person (i.e. me) to separate linens, delicates and more heavy-duty items like workout clothes and jeans. Plus, each section slides in and out individually, which makes it easy to lug just one thing to the laundry room (though rolling the entire hamper is better for my back). — Me (Arlyn Hernandez, Design)

"I bought this drain clogging tool after watching a viral video about it a year or so ago (sucker, I know). But it seriously works: it was insanely, disgustingly satisfying, and super effective. You don’t have to use chemical drain openers, and you don’t have to touch months of accumulated sink hair (sorry) after—you just remove the disposable wand and toss it." — Laura Schocker, Editor-in-Chief

"As a side sleeper and constantly cold person, this pillow has been a god send. I don’t have to flop my pillows around anymore I can just cuddle into this one and wake up without any weird neck pain." — Nora Taylor, News & Culture

"I bought this recycling/garbage can that I think many people are obsessed with but I’ll jump on the proverbial bandwagon. I love that it has a liner pocket, so changing the trash bag is really easy, and it’s tall enough/the lid is secure enough that it’s safe from our dog. Plus, it’s the first thing you see upon entering our apartment, so I love that the design is sleek and discreet." — Caroline Ammarell, Audience Development

"Can a better iron make you actually like to iron? No, but it can definitely make you dread it less. Not only does this not-very-expensive iron perform well, its major selling point (to me at least) is the retractable cord which is kind of fun to use and makes it easy, quick and neat to put away." — Carrie McBride, Managing Editor

"This spiralizer might just be the George Foreman grill of this decade, but I’m still all about it. Vegetable noodles give you all the texture, without the carbs, of regular pasta. (The zucchini industry should send me dividend checks for all my support this year.) This little device is affordable at $25, and although I don’t generally like single-purpose kitchen gadgets, so far, this is a lot of bang for the buck." — Dabney Frake, Projects

"Last year, my fiancé and I moved into our very first home (and cried when we saw our first electric bill). Our house is old, we have no idea what we’re doing and we travel A LOT. These lightbulbs are everything, they slightly decreased our electric bill and make us look like we’re at home. Now, don’t burglarize my house." — Andrew Forcier, Audience Development

"I had a vintage rattan pendant that I scored on eBay, but as a renter, was hesitant to hardwire anything. Enter this cute fabric covered cord, which can be conveniently plugged in, and swags nicely over my dining table." — Tara Bellucci, News & Culture

"I just moved into a new apartment in New York and the air is dryer than burnt toast. Luckily, my first humidifier purchase has turned into my best. It’s sleek, quiet and makes my whole studio breathable again!" — Chris Mainenti, Audience Development


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