Harry Says Relax: These Potter-Themed ASMR Videos Are So Calming

We’ve talked a bit about ASMR here in the hallowed Apartment Therapy halls, with this Oddly IKEA video and this post about ASMR improving one writer’s sleep life, but haven’t fully investigated this internet phenomena. Well, now there’s a series of ASMR videos that incorporate none other than Harry Potter.

A quick primer on ASMR (or autonomous sensory meridian response)— it’s all about “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin” usually starting at the back of the neck, triggered by certain visual and audio stimuli, most common examples being videos of whispering, hair brushing or folding towels.

If you’d like to relax with The Boy Who Lived and other denizens of the wizarding world, YouTube user ASMR rooms has put together a series of scenes based on the world of Harry Potter that provide soothing sounds. There are common rooms of all the Gryffindor houses, Christmas themed videos, even a soft reading of The Philosopher’s Stone. The cozy cinemagraphs feature repetitive movements as white noise and frequent melodies play in the background.

While the series may not be a fit for serious ASMR fans, the videos are fun to peruse and are great background noise for working or falling asleep.

More Harry Potter news:



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