Before & After: A Fantastic New Use for An Old Attic

Heather and her husband recently converted the attic in their home in the U.K. It was a complicated project, and took between 3-4 months to complete, leaving them without a roof for one of those months (and yes, before you ask, it rained apparently — a lot). The end result, however, is a brand new bedroom and bathroom that’s a fantastic use of a previously underused space.

There’s obviously no bathroom before to compare this to, but the new space is so lovely, and it looks like the bedroom (which we see a tiny sliver of) is too. Here’s what Heather had to say about her inspiration for the design:

Coming up with the scheme was totally influenced by a trip to Morocco I took in June for my sister’s wedding where we stayed at El Fenn – THE most amazing riad with stunning decor. Seriously recommend a stay if you are heading there any time soon! I fell in love with the green herringbone, handmade terracotta tiles which cover the floor of much of the riad. What’s more, the natural, pinkish plaster which you can see all over the city is just so beautiful, I knew I wanted to combine both elements in the new loft. However, the Scandi/Danish design loving person that I also am meant that I didn’t want to go too bohemian (we live in Walthamstow after all!) so I wanted to pull in some black, modern accents to try to ‘ground’ the look. The results is a bit of a personality mash-up but one that I am really pleased with.

The peach, black and green is a decidedly modern, on-trend color palette that works well together, but isn’t too matchy-matchy or expected. Plus it lets the green and white encaustic tile do all the talking.

…because this is a loft room, we have really low ceilings in the bathroom. The bathroom design itself is also quite busy. Therefore, something we decided to do was paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls – this makes the space feel bigger (because you can’t see where the wall ends and the ceilings begin) but it also ties in the scheme, connecting the green and white shower area to the rest of the room.

For more on the attic project, see the bathroom reveal post here, and hear from Heather about what she learned from this whole process.

Thanks for sharing, Heather!


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