Design Mom 2018 Reader Survey Results

The survey! 3472 of you took it. And I’m so grateful for the helpful feedback. I can’t even tell you. I thought it would be fun today to go over a few of the highlights — there were definitely some surprises. At least for me. : )

Come take a look.

Here’s a little about YOU, the readers:

This is one that didn’t surprise me. I feel like I have a pretty accurate sense of reader ages, and this helped to confirm it. Another non-surprise? Almost all of you identify as female.

But seeing this quantified, reminded me of how I feel sometimes when I see comments from men on the blog. They can make me a little edgy because I know the men commenting aren’t regular readers, and they don’t understand that the comment section on Design Mom is not your average internet stop; that they need to bring their best manners, and that it’s a place to share, not to lecture. 

And speaking of the comment section:

I love the honest responses to this question. Some of you are admittedly in it for the drama. Hah! (I don’t think of Design Mom as a very drama-centered site, but perhaps I should invite more tension?)

The question you liked most, was probably this one:

At least, I got the most comments about it. You have been reading for a long time! Which is so lovely. Did you know this July will mark the 12 year anniversary of Design Mom? I’d love to do something really special to celebrate.

The results of this one really made me smile:

Holy cow. No wonder I always learn so much from you. Did you know as a group you are super educated? Unusually so? Based on the comments and emails I received, I’m not surprised by these numbers at all. 

This one feels like the most colorful response — pie-chart-wise, and I’m interested to hear if you have any thoughts about it:

For me, it’s a good reminder that I really do have readers with a WIDE range of budgets. I was somewhat aware of that — which is why one week, I might have an interiors post featuring Room & Board, and the next week, I might have one featuring IKEA. I try to be mindful of every budget when I’m creating features and gift guides (though I realize I can’t be everything to everyone).

One more tidbit about you:

A significant number of you are not parents at all. And I’m not sure why that makes me so happy, but it does. I guess I like the idea that the content I’m creating might have wide appeal. It feels like a compliment.

Now let’s talk about what you as readers are interested in.

First up, you far and away like connecting with Design Mom here on the blog. Second, on Instagram — posts over stories. And you have some interest in Facebook posts and Newsletter. But based on this chart, the blog and Instagram is where I should be focusing most of my attention.

In case you’re curious, I mentioned the survey on the blog, on a Facebook post, on an Instagram post, and on an Instagram Story. But no where else. Perhaps if I’d sent out a newsletter about it, I would have had different results.

As far as topics you’d like me to cover, here are the ones that received the most 5 votes (which was basically, YES, more of this, please):

I’ve been sharing home tours for many, many year now. And most of you are still very into them. Good to know. Sometimes I think it’s time to reinvent them, but perhaps I shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

You’re also interested in Home Organization.

It’s an ongoing project at our house, and I’m glad to know it’s an ongoing project at your house too. I’ll be thinking of ways I can create more content around this topic.

You’re also interested in remodeling projects and before-and-after projects.

I love these too! It’s a great direction for me to grow some content.

But you’re not just interested in design-related-topics. You also gave lots of high marks for travel reports, mental health discussions, and social movement discussions:

But the topic that got the most interest? Serious parenting discussions:

And you’re also interested in a book or class on parenting as well. In particular, how to promote positive family interactions (or in other words, how to have a happy home):


 The second most interesting topic to you? With just 22 fewer #5 votes than Serious Parenting Topics? Updates from me.


And while I’m completely flattered by the idea, it also brings up some dilemmas from a content creation point of view. How much can I share without sharing too much? Where do I draw the line? And how do I give personal family updates while making sure I’m not invading my children’s privacy? It’s a question that has come up for me many times over the last (almost) dozen years, and mostly, I think I’ve found a good sweet spot. But sometimes, a topic will come up, and I find myself shying away from it, or wanting to really restrict what I share. Maybe it’s just part of the nature of blogging.

The other question that comes up when I see this chart: Is there room for other voices (like the lovely women who share their thoughts in home tours), without diluting my own voice too much? I have a deep desire to use my platforms to give voice to other women, and amplify their stories. I’ve experimented in this regard in lots of ways over the years, and I admit, I’ve never quite figured out how to do it best. But I haven’t given up! And there are always new ideas to try. Maybe this year is the year! : )

One last chart. What surprised me the most? You DON’T want video. You gave a neutral response on Olive Us Videos, and a big no thanks on ALL other videos. Hah! 

Good to know. Video is really time consuming, and perhaps I can ignore it altogether? It’s such a funny thing to me, because I’ve read dozens of articles pushing content creators like myself to add more and more video to their lineups, but apparently, it’s advice I should not be taking. (Or perhaps I simply haven’t figured out what sort of video you want!)

I hope you’ll forgive if I still do Facebook Live broadcasts sometimes. I really enjoy them. : )


That’s just a small snapshot of the survey results. There’s a whole bunch more I’m still pouring over and learning from your feedback. Right about now, I’m wishing I knew a consultant that could help look at the data and formulate some plans. (And if you happen to know a consultant whiz, definitely send them my way.)

Two more tidbits. On one of the questions I asked for suggestions for other sorts of content you’re interested in, and a Design Mom Book Club was the overwhelming pick. And on the last question, which was a fill in the blank (I read Design Mom because…), I just want to say thank you. I wasn’t expecting such meaningful notes. I thought the responses would be along the lines of “for the home tours” or “to get organized” or “for the discussions,” and there were some responses like that (which is great!). But there were also a whole lot of heart felt, touching notes. Oh my word, I’m starting to tear up just remembering them.

It was unexpected, and really kind. And I just want to thank you for taking the time to send the notes, and to take the survey. I so deeply appreciative.

Okay. I think that’s it for the survey report. I’d love your take. Any surprises for you in this data? Anything you feel like I’m missing or maybe looking at the wrong way? I’m very open to your thoughts.

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