IKEA’s New Releases for February Have a Playful Twist

We’re fully immersed in winter here in the US, but there’s some sunshine on the horizon. Not only are the days getting longer now, IKEA has some playful new products debuting at a store near you come February. Here’s what we love from the new collections.

BURVIK side table, $49

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA)

This sassy side table stands out because of a handle that makes it easy to relocate. “If there’s one thing I’d want BURVIK side table to say it’s ‘Move me around!'” says designer Mikael Axelsson. “When I designed it I was inspired by how our lives and homes look today – fluid, flexible, active – and I wanted to make a piece of furniture that’s easy to lift and move so that it can be used for many different activities. The idea is quite simple. Whenever and wherever you need a space to put something on, BURVIK is there for you.” It will be available in red, black, and birch/white.

GRANBODA nesting tables, $59/set of 3

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA)

Speaking of surfaces for small spaces, nesting tables are always a great option because they tuck inside themselves when not in use. We love IKEA’s newest version—GRANBODA—because the smallest one serves as a hidden drawer with a recessed storage space.

VÄXJÖ Pendant lamp, $29.99

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA)

These pastel pendants lend add a candy-colored playfulness to a space. Even though VÄXJÖ means “grow up,” we think these would easily work in a kid’s room, or add some whimsy to an adult space.

SKYMNINGEN Pendant lamp, $99

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA)

Adding a sculptural element like the popular KNAPPA or FILLSTA pendants, we like that this new addition—called SKYMNINGEN—is made of birch instead of polypropylene—which will lend some texture and a natural vibe to a space.

KRUX Wall and Desk lamps, $34.99

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA)

Is it a horse? A dog? A giraffe? Whichever animal you see, you can’t deny how adorable these task lamps are. There’s both a wall mounted and a desk version of KRUX.

STOLPA Clock, $14.99

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA)

Bordering on cartoony, we love how unexpected the STOLPA clock would look—especially on a nightstand in an otherwise serious bedroom. Plus, its outer ring lights up for a few seconds when you touch it, making it easy to read when you wake up in the dark.



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