10 Times Wallpaper Dramatically Raised IKEA’s Game

Most IKEA products are a blank slate for your creativity. To show how they can be customized to match any decor style—no matter if your signature look is understated or over-the-top— try adding wallpaper in your favorite pattern or print. It elevates the look and style.

Amber Interiors hacked a LACK table using some basic decorative paper and some Modge Podge glue. You’d never know it was an IKEA product under there.

We love this ’80s-inspired bar cart seen over on Domino. They used a graphic piece of removable wallpaper, which also means it’s temporary: once you’ve tired of that particular pattern, peel it off and do something else entirely.

The shelving unit in Tiffany Leigh’s dining room was papered in aqua grasscloth, and holds all of her books and treasured items. It really helps the space feel full, layered, and functional. In the lead image up top, Angie created a dark, moody version using the same idea.

Anne Sage added some custom dark, moody floral wallpaper to a basic storage cabinet, and created a magazine-worthy hallway vignette that looks super high end.

Years ago, IKEA themselves customized a BILLY bookcase with this “open books” pattern, and it really adds a completely new dimension to this storage staple.

We’ve shown you all sorts of ways to customize a PAX wardrobe, and wallpapering the doors remains one of the easiest and most transformative projects out there. Here Stig Lindberg wallpaper decorated the door panels of a unit from Stadshem, via Coombs Design.

You may or may not recognize the ANEBODA wardrobe above, but Finish website Meilla Kotona created a custom dressing station that’s a total surprise on the inside.

The humble IKEA RAST has been made over in a huge variety of ways, but I think this might be my favorite: a bit of wallpaper on the drawers, plus a coordinating paint job and shiny brass pulls. Get the full instructions at Good Housekeeping.

Above, DKor Interiors created a series of “built-in” storage components using BESTA units. In addition to wrapping some of the exterior panels in grey wood veneer, they also installed wallpaper on the wall behind, making everything look intentional and very polished.



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