How to Shop Target Like an Apartment Therapy Editor

Deciding on a favorite Target purchase can feel like picking your favorite pet or kid…it’s not easy, people. But luckily, we have some pretty opinionated and passionate shoppers here at Apartment Therapy who were able to easily pin point things they bought for their home recently that they love enough to stand behind. Here, 10 Apartment Therapy staffer-approved picks that just might make your home a little better (and better looking) this year.

Seal of Approval by: Arlyn Hernandez, Design
“This cabinet has been a godsend, honestly. I bought the version without the bottom shelf (no longer available), for my rental bathroom redo last year, and it has transformed how I use my bathroom. It holds extra towels and sheets, toilet paper, my gigantic makeup organizer, beauty products, cleaning supplies…basically, everything I need to keep my life together.”

Seal of Approval by: Tara Bellucci, News & Culture
“I recently decided to replace my worn out old towels, and I’m currently loving the bath sheets from Nate Berkus. They’re plush without being overly so, and while I haven’t had them that long, they’re doing great after a few washes (still soft and no color bleeding).”

Seal of Approval by: Taryn Williford, Lifestyle
“I don’t consider myself a farmhouse type of girl, so I skipped over most of the Hearth & Hand frenzy this year, but I bought this smoky glass vase and I LOVE it. A big, classic piece that I’ll have forever (if I can avoid not dropping it—it’s heavy).”

Seal of Approval by: Nancy Mitchell, Design
“The stainless steel top kitchen cart that I got from Target is a huge lifesaver in my tiny kitchen. It adds extra storage, almost doubles my countertop space, and best of all, it has a drawer, so I actually have someplace to put my silverware. The one I have is sold out, but this is a similar design. I like the combination of closed and open storage, and you could use the towel bar to hang utensils for even more storage.”

Seal of Approval by: Carrie McBride, Managing Editor
“Knobs are one of those products whose price puzzles me—they’re so little; why are they so expensive?? Especially when I need 14 of them. This copper version from Target is reasonably priced and nicely straddles the line between a modern (my husband) and more bohemian (me) aesthetic and has made my rental kitchen look…less rental-y.”

Seal of Approval by: Arlyn Hernandez, Design
“I’ve long been an IKEA RIBBA devotee, but I recently found this frame from Target that, though a bit pricier, has made me rethink my go-to frame. The matting is larger, which gives my cheapo 8x10s a statelier, more expensive feel.”

Seal of Approval by: Dabney Frake, Projects
“I’ve used Target mirrors for my last two bathroom makeover projects. Inexpensive mirrors with thin metal frames—in stylish black and brass no less—are hard to come by. Most cheap basics are either frameless or have bulky wooden surrounds. The ones from the Project 62 collection not only look beautiful and are on trend, they are also super affordable.”

Seal of Approval by: Taryn Williford, Lifestyle
“The Room Essentials collection of Y-weave plastic bins makes me feel like I have my life together. They’re cute, affordable, durable and currently holding it down in every cabinet and closet in my loft.”

Seal of Approval by: Carrie McBride, Managing Editor
“I spotted this dashing little throw, a lovely balance of earthy brown and uplifting pink, on the bottom shelf of the rug aisle at Target. I was headed to the movies, but I leaned down and whispered ‘I can’t take you now, but I’ll be back…to give you a forever home.’ And I did. We’re living happily ever after.”

Seal of Approval by: Andrew Forcier, Audience Development
“First off, it’s pretty cheap for what it is and it’s neutral and will fit into most spaces. Best thing about it though is that it’s the perfect backdrop for styling, a.k.a. your funkiest pillow and throw.”


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