11 of the Best Super Cozy IKEA Finds to Get You Through Winter

It is cold just about everywhere right now. I’m all the way down in South Florida and even I had to turn my heater on this week and throw some fuzzy socks on to make it through the day. Which is just a cruel reminder that winter is only a month in, with about two thirds of the way left to go. Now’s the time to check out IKEA to add some pretty (and cheap) goods to your home to keep you warm and cozy until spring rears its glorious head. Here are some of our favorites:

Velvet isn’t just for your sofa or throw pillows anymore. The plush material looks super luxe on your windows, as well, and the heavy fabric will keep drafts at bay.

I’m going to assume skold is Swedish for cold (well, actually it’s kall), because this ultra fluffy pillow cover (though great looking and appropriate all year round) seems like it was made to cuddle up to during these long, chilly winter months.

A new addition to IKEA’s Winter 2017 collection, this sweater-like pillow will keep you snuggly through spring.

A pillow that looks like a sweater? It doesn’t get much cozier than that.

Cotton flannel is just the ticket to sleeping through the night without the shivers. Plus, a flat and fitted sheet plus two pillow cases for less than $10? What a time to be alive!

This is IKEA’s warmest comforter; it’s machine-washable (buh bye dust mites), and, with a moisture-absorbing lyocell and soft, fluffy polyester filling, will keep you dry and comfy all night.

Here’s a rug I’d be happy to dig my toes into when the cold just won’t budge from my extremities. The neutral color will work in any room, while dark yarn specks are likely to cover up accidental stains.

It wouldn’t be an IKEA roundup without the ubiquitous Rens sheepskin rug, now would it be? Use it on chairs, on the floor, on your sofa and beyond. The wool is super durable and soil-repellent.

Wool can be quite pricey, especially when spun up into something as large as a blanket, but at under $40, this one is hard to say no to.

When you want a cozy blanket, but prefer a peppier hue. A tighter knit keeps brisk air from easily escaping through the weave.

Another new addition to the IKEA catalog, I can imagine wrapping myself in this on Friday night, and not emerging from under it until at least Monday morning. What a life. Plus, it’s reversible, so if you’re not super into the plush front, it has a velvety back you can display, instead.



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