This Unexpected Kitchen Cabinet Color is Suddenly Everywhere

Here’s a fun one: which bold color, a favorite from the ’80s that’s recently experienced a resurgence, is suddenly making a splash in the kitchen?

That’s right — it’s teal green. Teal might not be the first color you think of (or even the second, or the third) when you think of cabinet colors, but if you’re searching for something bold and cheerful — something that seems both fresh and like a little bit of a throwback all at the same time — give teal a try.

And if this description didn’t convince you, maybe these photos will. Starting with this Taiwan home from Yatzer, whose country-style cabinets get a very modern dose of color thanks to a brilliant shade of teal.

Here are more paneled cabinets, this time in a kitchen from Est Living. The rustic door style, paired with teal, which reads very contemporary, is a nice combo.

Shaker-style cabinets get an unexpected coat of deep, rich color in this UK home from Dezeen.

Teal green and marble may not sound like a winning combination, but in this Australian home from Est Living, it definitely is. I think we tend to think of teal (especially the lighter shades) as sort of an unserious color, and the marble, and stainless steel, helps to add a touch of luxury and gravitas.

In this kitchen by Simo Design, teal cabinets pair beautifully with a backsplash and open shelves in blonde wood. They’re also a lovely complement to the soapstone countertops and sink.

This bold and beautiful kitchen from deVOL is all teal, all over (with a few welcome accents in black and white).

If all teal is a bit much for you, you could paint just the lower, or even just the upper cabinets. You could also opt for colorblocked look, as in this green-on-green kitchen from Klikk. (These are IKEA cabinets: the doors are from Superfront.)

Viking calls this color ‘Viking Blue’: I call it teal. The owners of this kitchen, spotted on Southern Living, had the cabinet doors lacquered to match the stove.

The teal cabinets in Candis Cayne’s Los Angeles kitchen, spotted on Design*Sponge, are paired with some particularly beautiful herringbone tile.

If you love the look but aren’t feeling bold enough to paint your cabinets, try painting just an accent wall in your kitchen. Teal can look particularly nice with wood cabinets, as seen in this image from Coco Lapine Design.


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