Get the Look: Will & Grace’s Upgraded NYC Apartment

Our favorite best friends came back on the air in September after 11 years (no, not Friends. I’m still lobbying for that one). While Will, Grace, Karen and Jack have not aged a day, their surroundings got a well-deserved face lift.

Peter Gurski, the set decorator, and Glenda Rovello, the production designer, told Architectural Digest, “Max Mutchnick, our executive producer, said there should absolutely be no question that the minute any viewers turn on that television, they know exactly where they are, but that things have been heightened visually.” I’d say they nailed it.

(Image credit: Courtesy NBC)

My favorite cosmetic tweaks were made to Will’s apartment. The proportions and the overall “look” stayed the same, but the finishes are more luxurious and detailed, which Gurski broke down for us in great detail back in September. It’s masculine elegance at its best and here’s how you can get the look.

Choose classic, boxy seating. Will’s squared-off sofa and dining chairs are solid anchors in the room. Luxurious finishes on angular, structured shapes create an interesting juxtaposition visually, which makes your eye linger longer. Don’t be afraid to choose a colorful fabric, but steer away from patterns. Leather is also a great option. It adds warmth and reads sophisticated.

(Image credit: Courtesy NBC)

Next, choose your tables. The round dining and coffee tables contrast with the straight lines of the seating. Choose pieces in darker woods. Think sleek, not farmhouse. Look for Wenge, Walnut, Red Oak, Pecan, Mahogany or Cherry (depending on whether your overall palette is skewing warm or cold). And don’t be afraid to pick wood with personality.

Pick wall colors that are neutral. The furniture and accessories should be the focus, not an accent wall or busy patterned wallpaper. A way to add interest and texture, but still keep your walls neutral, is to use grasscloth wallpaper. It will add warmth, but won’t distract.

(Image credit: Courtesy NBC)

Lastly, display your collections. Will’s art collection is stunning, but can get pricey. Don’t feel pressure to spend on expensive trendy artwork. Your home should reflect your history and interests, however varied. Do you have a framed butterfly collection? Hang it up! Is your collection of hand-blown glass cat statues gathering dust in the closet? Show them off! Is your Will & Grace DVD box set hiding at the back of a cabinet? Buy it on iTunes already! You could be using that space for a cocktail set.

Get the look


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