IKEA Wants To Help You Get Organized This Weekend

If you’re on an organizational roll right now (see: The January Cure), then you might want to swing by your local IKEA this weekend. Spoiler: there’s a coupon in it for you.

On Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28, IKEA is hosting its Make Room for Organization event. You can expect lots of in-store activities, like workshops, giveaways and raffles, as well as tons of storage and organizational products on sale.

There’s also a coupon for $25 off a pre-tax purchase of $150, so if you’ve already decluttered and are ready to get the right organizing tools, you’ll be ready to save some cash.

Here’s some of what’s on sale:

Workshops and times vary per store, but check your nearest location for options like how to fold a fitted sheet, maximize under-bed storage, organize a junk drawer, declutter your closet, and how to whip your kitchen into shape, post holidays.



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