The Big, Bold Element that Always Makes the Room

If you’re looking to make a really big statement, to make a dramatic, unforgettable space with one single element, allow me to let you in on a little (well, actually quite large) secret: wallpaper murals.

If big art is what you want, why not turn an entire wall into a piece of art? These overscale features, while seemingly daring, are more and more becoming a norm, and I love the look. Here are some of my favorite examples of murals—a fantastic way to make any room, no matter how humble, a showstopping space.

Above: In this Paris home from The Socialite Family, dark trim and a dark sofa complement a dramatic mural. Limiting the other objects in the room to a fairly simple palette keeps the focus on the wall.

Long before they were mass market, wall murals were masterpieces handpainted in place, like the Gracie wallcovering in the formal dining room of this New Orleans home featured in Architectural Digest.

A living room wall covered in a Zuber panorama makes a big statement in this Parisian home featured in Vogue. The black-and-white scene really lends soul and a completely French je ne sais quoi to the home.

The Paris bedroom of French designer Morgane Sézalory, spotted on Cup of Jo, features a jungle-themed mural by Bien Fait.

I love murals that feature a single, oversized object, like the larger-than-life flamingo in this photo from South African hotel Majeka House.

A jungley mural behind the bed gives this room spotted on Surface View an otherworldly vibe.

A mural is a big, bold element, so when adding one to a room it’s wise to keep the other items in it fairly restrained, to keep things from being too chaotic. If you want to add a mural to a room that already has a bit of color, consider a greyscale one, like this landscape spotted in a room from Elle Decor.

The arched shape gives this mural, spotted in a room from VT Wonen, an architectural feel.

An oversized, playful botanic print brightens up this dining room from Wall & Deco.


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