3 Things on Sale Today That’ll Make Your Jam-Packed Closet Suck Less — Amazon Deal of the Day

If you’re bedroom closet is anything like mine (i.e. tiny and tough to manage), then you know how hard it can be to magically create extra storage space to stay organized. Sure, you may have spent most of January cleaning out your closet and home, but you still need to wear something, hence, you need somewhere to put everything you deemed worthy of keeping. That’s why it pays to invest in small, multi-functional organizers—think: folding hangers and collapsible organizers—to carve out some unexpected (but oh so necessary) storage room.

To help jumpstart your closet goals, we rounded up three super space savers on sale today via Amazon to make your tiny (or non-existent) clothes storage area suck less.

Bonus points: If you buy two or more of these space-savvy wonders, you’ll score an additional 10% off the price tag today (so be sure to poke around if our suggestions aren’t quite what you need).

Designed specifically for travel and tiny closet use, this savvy six-pack of folding hangers adjusts to the size of your smaller garments (think short tees and baby clothes) so they don’t take up any unnecessary storage space. They can even fold-up into portable compact squares when not in use, making them perfect for travel and overnighters.

Super durable and easy to hang, this cotton organizer simply slips over your door to create storage room for your purses, shoes, and other accessories. Buy two and score some extra storage for your bathroom, too.

Looking for an inexpensive way to keep your scarves, belts, and ties in check without taking up a ton of closet space? These sleek cross-style hangers can hold up to 20 items each and rotate 360-degrees for easy selection.



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