Commitment-Free Glamping: These Tiny Trailers Are Available For Rent

If you find yourself daydreaming about selling all of your possessions, downsizing into a trailer or van and just hitting the open road man, you’re probably not alone. If you find yourself held back from that life by a sense of practicality, a mortgage or a love of a particular city, then Camp Weathered might be exactly what you need. An adorable furnished teardrop trailer could be yours for all the mini adventures you desire, without the total lifestyle commitment.

Located in Woodacre, California north of San Francisco, the teardrop trailer is perfectly poised for an off the grid getaway. And you can tow the teardrop yourself; traditionally, they are small enough to be towed by almost any size vehicle. If you don’t feel like towing it yourself or don’t own a car, Camp Weathered will drop off and pick up the trailer for you, for an additional fee.

A cozy six feet by four feet, the trailer is big enough for a couple and one child. It comes with the necessary camping basics: a sleeping bag, camping stove and kitchen essentials. Campground booking is up to the renter, but they offer plenty of suggestions and help in finding the spot that will best suit you and your relaxation needs. It runs $45 a night, before fees and taxes.

So if you want to give small space living a spin (literally), check out these trailers— flannel not included.

More swoon-worthy small spaces:

h/t Inhabitat


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