The Brilliant Dishwasher Hack for Your Plastic Containers — Kitchn

Not to be all “woe is me” or anything, but sometimes dishwashers aren’t all that great. (I know … it must be nice to even have a dishwasher to complain about.) They can break, they can leave dishes dirty or streaky after a cycle, and they almost always insist on flipping our plastic food storage containers upside down, which results in still-dirty containers that are also filled with gross water. Rawr!

However, it looks like one Reddit user has a brilliant solution to solve that last issue.

“I use an upside-down metal dish rack to keep my Tupperware from flipping upside down in the dishwasher,” says user thecatunderthebed. (See the full thread here.) So smart!

Another use for a dish rack: The Surprising Trick for Actually Keeping Kiddie Plates Organized

The idea is that the dish rack holds the containers in place in the top rack. The rack weighs them down so the water and the force from the dishwasher sprayers can’t flip them over. Because usually, when containers flip, they don’t get clean and then gross dishwasher water collects inside them, which means you have to either try to run them through again or resort to washing them by hand. (And both of those things are a waste of time, water, and energy!)

Bonus: If you can use your usual dish rack, then that gets cleaned in the process, too!

Have you ever tried this? Do you have other super-smart dishwasher hacks to share? Let us know in the comments!


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