Get the Look: Big Little Lies’ Celeste’s Cool California Space

As you’ve probably heard, Big Little Lies is coming back for season 2 and this time it’s got a 21 time Academy Award nominated powerhouse joining the already tour de force cast. [Season one spoilers below.]

Meryl Streep will play Perry’s mother who comes to town “concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren following…Perry’s death,” per the casting breakdown. So I thought, what better way to celebrate another season of the beautifully dark, twisted show and its new star, than to revisit the home of Celeste and Perry? Gregory Alpert, the locations manager, told Vulture that “Celeste’s house is the most magical of all of them.” I couldn’t agree more.

The actual home is located on the Monterey Peninsula. It’s view looks out over the jagged coastline, while being surrounded by Monterey pines and cypresses. So naturally, the most interesting parts of the home are the indoor/outdoor living spaces. The palette of blues mirrors the sea and sky, with washed out grey wood tones with a sprinkle of wicker. Sign me up! For the interior design, not the murder part.

The key to this California-cool style is simplicity. You want to be able to maneuver around easily without feeling confined by your stuff, so chose your furniture wisely. Also, everything needs to be durable. Outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella are your new best friend.

Choose furniture shapes that are straight-ish. Of course you’ll want to throw in a gorgeous sculptural whicker chair like Celeste did, but too many organic shapes turn this look from Cali cool to bohemian.

The colors you do throw in should be on seat cushions and a few interior walls. Otherwise your fabrics should be neutrals. Neutral doesn’t mean bland; you can get lost in the sandy, taupe-y, buttermilk world of neutrals that run the gamut from warm to cool. Don’t settle for basic—reach for sophisticated.

You might be thinking, “My apartment doesn’t look out over the Pacific. Without the view, this look is boring.” Au contraire, mon petit mécréant! To make up for a less than stellar view, hang large pieces of graphic art on the walls and get a couple of large potted trees. They’ll create immediate visual interest and you’ll barely notice that brick wall out your window.

Now we’ll have to wait and see if Meryl gets her own fabulous pad in Monterey!

Get the look


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