Meet The Superstars of Sunday’s Kitten Bowl

Greetings, fellow cat people! I’m assuming since you clicked on this article you are, in fact, a cat person (but not that cat person). Our most treasured of sporting events is a mere four days away. That’s right, Kitten Bowl V is right around the corner airing on Sunday, February 4 on The Hallmark Channel.

For the uninitiated, the Kitten Bowl is the best form of “not the Super Bowl but on during the Super Bowl” entertainment around (okay, we’ll say it’s tied with the Puppy Bowl).

It stars pets that are currently up for adoption, and this year a handful of cats were displaced after natural disasters. The event is hosted by (noted cat person) Beth Stern, with commentary by Hallmark staples Dean Cain and Alison Sweeney.

But let’s get back to the cats! They’re all PURRFECT. Every single one of them. You can see all of their glamour shots here. There are four teams “competing” against each other, but really they’re all winners. You can see their player profiles as well, which indicate if they’re still up for adoption. The whole event is designed to help the kittens find a home, and inspire people to adopt from their local shelters.

Hope you all have a meow-velous kitten bowl Sunday, fellow feline enthusiasts!

More hosting tips for this upcoming super Sunday:



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