No Assembly Required: IKEA Is Rolling Out In-Store TaskRabbits

Greetings, fellow klutzes! Take a seat because this news might knock whatever you are precariously holding out of your slippery and uncoordinated hands. Gone are the days of laboring tirelessly over your recent IKEA purchases only to finish and find you somehow still have a bag of nails leftover.

We shared the exciting news that IKEA had acquired TaskRabbit back in September, and now we are starting to see the returns on that investment. Tuesday marked the first day of TaskRabbit services available in an IKEA store. The Emeryville and East Palo Alto IKEAs will have “taskers” on hand going forward, with nationwide expansion planned for the next two months.

“How will it work?” You screech excitedly, knocking over a glass of water on your desk. After making your purchase, you can hire a tasker either through the TaskRabbit app or an in-store IKEA employee. You then enter whatever it is you will need help assembling to get a price quote and then schedule a tasker from there.

IKEA’s purchase of TaskRabbit allows it to compete with other companies that offer assembly services, such as Amazon and Wayfair.

TaskRabbit will continue to do its non-IKEA business as usual, and IKEA will of course offer you the ability to build your own BESTA.

You can read more over on Business Insider.


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