Freezing? 20 of the Coziest Cozy Bedrooms to Warm You Up

When the winter winds are buffeting your body, and also your spirit, there is no more welcome retreat than a cozy, well-appointed bedroom. For your inspiration, we’ve rounded up twenty beautiful spaces, full of ideas to ensure you won’t want to get out of bed until spring.

In the bedroom of Anne and Richard’s Manhattan apartment above, a bed piled high with pillows and a cozy chair make for an inviting space.

This bedroom from Fantastic Frank may not be very big (in fact, it’s more of a nook than a room), but I wouldn’t mind spending all winter curled up in here.

The only thing that’s missing from this bedroom from My Scandinavian Home is a cup of tea perched on the window sill.

Exposed, rustic beams and a mix of textures on the bed give this bedroom from Lonny a warm, cocoon-like feel.

Even an all white space can feel cozy with a mix of welcoming textures. The rustic headboard in this bedroom by Lindsay Marcella is the perfect finishing touch.

I love the look of a dark bedroom, particularly during the winter months, when all you really want is your own little cave to curl up inside. In this bedroom from Historiska Hem, via Elle Decoration, ample natural light keeps the space from feeling too dreary.

Just looking at the layers of linen on the bed in this space from Lark & Linen makes me want to burrow down into them.

Adding a faux-fur throw (like the one in Jesse’s San Francisco home) is a simple way to create instant coziness.

This bright space from Planete Deco has a particularly appealing bed, thanks to layers of linens and knits.

Marine-blue walls and dark, lacquered doors give this bedroom from My Scandinavian Home a moody, immersive look.

A sheepskin throw and pillows add cozy texture to this bedroom from My Scandinavian Home.

This attic bedroom from VT Wonen is beautiful and dramatic and also the perfect winter retreat.

You might see a bit of a pattern emerging, which is that giant pile of bedding in different textures = cozy bedroom space. Case in point: this room spotted on My Scandinavian Home.

The cozy bedding and wood accents give this bedroom from Marie Claire Maison a warm, inviting feel.

Here’s another cozy, dark space, from Decor Demon.

A chunky blanket makes this bedroom from Rose & Ivy the perfect spot for curling up on a winter day.

You often see linen bedding in lighter colors, but I’m really liking the olive-green linen in this space from French by Design.

The dark walls and dark curtains in this space from My Scandinavian Home coordinate perfectly with the dark accents on the bed.

The antique bed and bedskirt add a sweet touch to a cozy bedroom from Vintage Whites Blog.

In this space from Entrance, whites and greys and varied textures make for an inviting retreat.


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