IKEA & Tom Dixon’s Hackable DELAKTIG Sofa Debuts In Europe

It’s been a year and a half since IKEA and Tom Dixon first announced their upcoming collaboration. In those 18 months, we’ve learned that the “platform for living” is called DELAKTIG, and is a sofa-slash-bed that is endlessly hackable. Now, the British designer has released even more details about the line—including some of the “add-ons” that will be available.

(Image credit: Courtesy Tom Dixon)

At its most basic, DELAKTIG is an aluminum platform that serves as a single bed. Add back and/or side cushions, and you have a sofa. Almost anything can be bolted to the frame, turning it into a multifunctional small space (and storage) powerhouse.

“Very much like the iPhone, I’m hoping to encourage a whole ecosystem of apps that you stick on top of this basic platform of the bed,” Dixon said.

(Image credit: Courtesy Tom Dixon)

DELAKTIG starts rolling out to IKEAs across Europe today, and Tom Dixon announced some additional pieces that work with the system as well—also available starting today in Europe. That includes heavyweight task lamps, magazine racks, and coffee tables that can be clamped to the frame.

The additions also include covers from Bemz, the Swedish textile company that creates retrofit furniture covers for IKEA pieces. The partnership was announced at Milan Design Week last year and includes the furry friend you see above, as well as a black and white striped cover, and even a boucle throw.

(Image credit: Courtesy Tom Dixon)

While Tom Dixon’s hacks come at designer prices, you can expect that the open ended platform will inspire more additions from IKEA itself and other companies—including DIYs from creative DELAKTIG owners.

Sadly, those in the US waiting to get to hacking will have to wait—there is not yet a confirmed release date for this side of the Atlantic.



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