The Space Saving (& Chic) Bedside Trick We’re Stealing From Mandy Moore’s New Home

Earlier this month, actress Mandy Moore gave her followers a sneak peak via Instagram Stories into her new home, a stunning mid-century mansion she’s remodeling with the help of designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. While there are certainly many crush-worthy moments, I spotted a design move in her master bedroom that I took note of.

Of course the full-wall, wraparound velvet headboard is absolutely to die for (Mandy seems pretty keen on its killer good looks too, as indicated by this screengrab from her Insta Story), but it’s the pendant over the nightstand that I’m diggin’ most.

In my own bedroom, I have a clunky task light table lamp that takes up so much room. Every time I go to set down all my nighttime necessities (a TV remote, whatever book I’m reading—or not reading—my phone, my glasses, a cup of water…what can I say, I need a lot of things), I end up putting half of these items in the top drawer of my nightstand because nothing fits.

And if I’m honest with myself, I don’t even use the lamp. I bought it with visions of curling up in bed on a quiet Friday night with a good book, but instead, most of my evenings look the same: TV running yet another episode of “Bob’s Burgers”, overhead light coming via my ceiling fan, phone in hand scrolling through whatever social feed I missed during my work day, no book in sight.

My own bad bedtime habits aside, I can see a real advantage to switching up your lighting game in your room, opting for a hanging pendant light over a table lamp. All your nightstand surface area can be reclaimed, at the very least. Plus, the unexpected design element is a nice change from the routine.

As a renter, unfortunately, I’m not able to hardwire a pendant by my bedside, however, I did some digging, and there are a handful of nice looking plug-in options out there. And because the selection is quite limited, you’ll also find some converter kits in the below gallery, as well as plug-in swag kits that you can add any shade you want onto.

What do you think of this look? Are you into it? Would you try it at home to save some space? Let us know your thoughts below!


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