13 Non-White Bedrooms That Still Feel Serene

Here at Apartment Therapy, we’re big lovers of color. But we also understand that when it comes to the bedroom, you want to create a space that feels calming and restful. Is it possible for a space to be colorful but also incredibly relaxing? If these 13 spaces are any indication, the answer is yes.

An unexpected shade of aqua graces the walls of this bedroom from Sight Unseen, which still feels serene thanks to the room’s streamlined, minimal furnishings.

I happen to love the look of dark colors for a sleeping space, and this hunter-green bedroom from Boston Magazine is no exception.

Here’s another hunter green space, this one from My Scandinavian Home. Mustard and mauve make unexpected but lovely accents.

If you want a foolproof way to add color to your bedroom but still create a relaxing space, go for pastels, like this beautiful lavender in a room from Domino.

Navy blue makes for a rich, relaxing atmosphere in this bedroom spotted on Old Brand New.

Even very bright colors can create a relaxing space if the rest of the room is kept to a minimal color palette. In this space from Skona Hem, via Lushlee, turquoise walls add a vibrant, energizing touch, but the wainscot and black-and-white accents keep the space from feeling too overwhelming.

I’ve always found blue to be a calming shade, and the particular shade of blue in this bedroom from My Scandinavian Home (also in the lead of this post) is especially relaxing.

Khaki is definitely having a moment right now, and it can look particularly elegant in a bedroom, as evidenced by this space from The D Pages.

Blue on blue on blue is particularly nice in this bedroom from Nordic Design. White bedding (with a delicate border) keeps things looking sharp, crisp and inviting.

Does this count as millennial pink? Whatever color it is, I’m particularly taken with this rosy bedroom from Domino. (The koala bedding isn’t too shabby, either.)

I’m not quite sure what to call this color—dark aqua, maybe?—but paired with bright red, as in this bedroom from Dimore Studio, it strikes a perfect balance between energizing and relaxing.

A rich forest green pairs beautifully with white (and a touch of gold) in this bedroom from Svensk Fastighetsformedling, via o Design Ideas.

And finally, as this space from Nooks proves, you can’t go wrong with mint.



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