25 Recipes That’ll Take Your Super Bowl Party to the Next Level

Every year the impending arrival of the Super Bowl incites a parallel culinary sport: churning out lighter takes on wings, healthier spins on classic dips, and “fresh” appetizer ideas beginning (but not ending) with kale chips.

But you know what? Just like Thanksgiving, there’s no call to go off-script with the Super Bowl. Just like you want marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes, I want seven-layer dip and hot wings. It’s the one Sunday I dispense with the hummus and bask in the glory showered upon the cook who brings bacon-wrapped potato bites. This too can be yours. Here’s your guide to the food everyone really wants to eat on the biggest sports day of the year.

Hot Bites

Hot bites straight out of the oven. A lot of these can be prepped ahead and baked at halftime.

Game-Day Classics

From homemade jerky to soft pretzels, these are the things that always seem to go first.

Party Dips

What’s a party without an awesome dip? We’ve got the classics and the wildcards covered in this lineup.

Nearly Dinner

Need a bit more than a snack? These recipes are a little more filling.

Sweet Treats

Because one cannot live on bacon alone.

What are you serving at your Super Bowl party this year?



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