Nothing Says I Love You Like a Human-Sized Valentine’s Day Bouquet

(Image credit: BloomThat)

Does your partner really love flowers? Are they sad when you show up with a measly, normal-sized bouquet that they can easily carry and doesn’t totally obstruct their vision? Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make an over the top scene with this obnoxiously large arrangement, courtesy of BloomThat.

Dubbed “The Most Extra” (for obvious reasons), this one bouquet will turn your home into a florist’s shop with 105 blooms. It conveniently comes with its own 18-inch galvanized bucket, since no normal person owns a vase this large.

You can see more detailed images of the bouquet on BloomThat, and it includes lilies, orchids, and of course, plenty of roses. How much with this grander than grand gesture set you back? A cool $499 (shipping is free, though!).

Though if you’d like to get the same number of stems for a a fifth of the price, you could just scoop up two of Costco’s $50 for 50 roses deals.


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