8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for When Your Pet Is Your True Love

Human love is messy and complex and occasionally maddening—but pet love is pure and beautiful and forever. This Valentine’s Day, treat your true love (or the pet lover you truly love) to these gifts ranging from sweet-yet-practical, to slightly more indulgent.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a no-go for dogs. But strawberry-shaped toys with a hidden compartment for treats? Now that’s how you show some puppy love.

Cat Toy Wand, Etsy, $17

Why should dogs get all the toys? You can entertain your cat for hours with one of these mesmerizing wands (the Etsy seller recommends applying a little catnip to make them even more irresistible). One note: this item ships from Canada, so if you live in the U.S., you’ll have to factor in some extra shipping costs.

Elevate the everyday with this sweet and practical find. It’s under $15, and its low sides mean dinner will be easy access. Plus it’s pretty.

Since your pet doesn’t have much use for a bouquet of real flowers, you can show your affection with this bold floral bed instead. Just let her know (in your way) that this doesn’t mean she’s kicked out of the human bed come nighttime.

Upgrade your dog’s product arsenal with these all natural, yummy smelling finds. He gets a little pampering, and you get a fluffy, sweet-scented pup when it’s all over. Win, win.

Ditch the regular carrier for this futuristic one, which reminds us of a kitty space pod. It’s a waterproof and breathable backpack that lets you keep your pet with you no matter where you’re headed—it’s even airline approved.

If a $200 pet bed is busting the budget, perhaps this upgrade will be more your speed. It’s just right for a cat or small dog (have a larger dog? check out the bigger sizes). Hey, you have to look at the dog bed every day too. You might as well incorporate it into your decor.

Out of my Box Leash, Crate and Barrel, $35

Going for an extra walk can feel like a gift itself. But upgrade your dog to be the most stylish one on the block while you’re at it with this fancy new leash. The durable, hemp material is good for all weather conditions. There’s a matching collar, too, if that’s her style.

Modern Wood Bubble Cat Tree Tower, Front Pet, $140

Keep his brain and heart active (because that’s what true love is all about) with this fun, design-forward feline jungle gym. You can customize it with paint or a stain, or just keep it as is.



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