This Portlandia Sketch Celebrates The Fine Art of Canceling Plans

Whatcha got going on tonight? I’m sure you could stick to your meticulously made plans and have a good time, spend some money, connect with people you like, etc etc. Or you could just cancel them. No pressure, just think about it.

Razor sharp TV show Portlandia has its finger on the pulse of cultural zeitgeist, and seeing as we’re living in the golden age of flaking out on stuff, it was only a matter of time before they tackled the fine art of cancelling plans.

Lisa and Bryce of “Put a Bird on It” fame are back to sell us something ridiculous yet again. Only this time, they’re peddling something quite simple. “Cancel it” is the perfect tool for when you find yourself booked into something you really don’t want to go to. How does it work? “What you do is wait till the very last second and…cancel it.”

After extolling the values of canceling Christmas, the skit does make the subtle point that you the canceler may one day become the canceled on. But if you’re prepared for that eventual circle of social life phase, “Cancel it!” may be for you.

If you’re looking to get out of that happy hour or a play with your parents, just shoot them this video to get things rolling.


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