15 Awesome Things From Amazon You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted

Ah Amazon, what began simply as the disrupter of Barnes & Noble is now the all-encompassing digital flea market monolith that we all turn to for, well, everything. At this point, if it isn’t available on Amazon, does it even exist?

With warehouses that collectively could hold more water than 10,000 Olympics Pools, it’s no surprise that taking a few laps through the explore tabs can unearth some amazing treasures you didn’t even know you wanted (until now).

Let’s dive in!

It’s time to take your shower singing to the next level with this showerhead with a built-in bluetooth speaker! With such glowing reviews as “You will be happy. I own 3 of them,” I am all in.

Your most recent party will be the last time you accidentally drink from the glass of the unknown guest Karen brought along with her. Never again, Karen, never again.

Finally, someone is bringing mouse pads into the 21st century. For the home office that is short on rose gold accents, look no further. Your mouse will be doing pirouettes on this chic metal pad as you surf the web with ease.

Break up the monotony of your succulent terrariums with this dainty carnivorous plant floating in what amazon simply describes as “blue medium.” My only question is the cork? How do the flies get in?

Why did I never realize my records were so dirty? Bonus: Take the wind out of the sails of the music snob in your life when you ask them where their “totally self contained” washing system is at the next jam.

We no longer have to choose between hard and soft shell tacos! And the answer was so obvious! Warm, shape-holding toasted shells! Move over-microwave, there’s a new favorite appliance in town.

If every taco Tuesday, you’re wishing it were grilled cheese Tuesday (despite a catchy alliteration!), this grilled cheese sandwich toaster is for you.

Because a taco toaster and a grill cheese toaster only get you halfway to replacing all your other now totally unnecessary appliances (like your stove!), this hard-working breakfast station will get you all the way there. Goodbye kitchen, hello counter full of the most awesome small appliances ever!

Let your pup see the world (or at least, your friendly neighbor’s yard) without having to dig a hole at the bottom of your fence.

Forget the floppy hot water bottles of the past. The spout of this practical find pops into place to create a firm pillow-shaped heat source. You could always use your red-hot laptop charger to ease muscle pain but this is much cozier.

You probably just left yours in a cab and need a new one so why not get whimsical with this joyful novelty item? You’ll brighten even the cloudiest day with your new… umbrellama!

This mini hot plate continuously warms your hot beverage so you can sip with leisure. No more trips to the microwave to bring your lukewarm coffee back to life (you probably threw it away to make counter space for the taco toaster anyway).

Later swan! This strange and wonderful pool float keeps it simple and requires a more modest lung capacity than some other more elaborate set ups out there.

File this under “I had no idea this existed but obviously it is the solution to all my toilet paper storing needs.” Not getting this would be a baaaaahd idea.

This Mama Pig USB Hub and her three little flash drive piglets will not be lost to the bottom of the junk drawer with all the other uninspired pint sized storage devices. And of course, because it’s Amazon, you have several options to choose from.



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