Your Thoughts Appreciated: 2018 Reader Survey

Happy Monday!

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? We didn’t do anything major for it this year other than making a pot of chili with all the fixings, and I fell asleep pretty early, but I did manage to catch the halftime show. Contrary to what I found trending in the news about it this morning, I thought JT did great (minus the fringe on his leather jacket) and especially loved all the “selfie kid” memes that came out of it. As for commercials, I have some catching up to do, but–as always–I’m a sucker for the commercials that make you cry and any advertising that highlights inclusion, so when my friend texted last night, “Did you just see that commercial? Limb differences in advertising! Tears!” I quickly Googled and found the Toyota commercial, and instant tears the second the mom holds that little baby up and “Odds of Winning…” types across the screen. Advertising holds so much power beyond convincing you to buy something, and all I could think of was the number of moms holding babies with physical challenges, watching that commercial in living rooms across the country and how much that meant to them–how much it empowered them to see a future of opportunities for their child. And that ending slogan…”Start Your Impossible.” Yeah, baby.

The real reason I come to you this morning is a little favor to ask though. I’ll make this quick and easy for you, but it would mean so much if you could fill out a short survey that tells me a little more about you. This blog space is so special to me and has connected me to the most wonderful people (that’s you!). I truly love everything I write and share here, but as I continue to expand this space and create content, I want to know you better and what you like to read here. Analytics tell me some general information about readers, but truly your feedback is what connects me most to your hearts and interests and passions. I always want this space to be a place that celebrates what gives us life from confetti-and-balloon events to the ordinary moments that daily feed our souls, and celebrating those moments can come in many forms–from heartfelt essays to D.I.Y’s. Knowing what you love to read here helps me align my passion with yours so that this space can serve us both–Win/Win.

As always, I so appreciate any time you take to connect. I read your comments, your direct messages, your e-mails and always do my very best to write back and answer your questions. If you’re a frequent commenter, I probably know you by your screen name and your picture and possibly things you’ve shared about yourself over time (you’d be surprised!). Because if there’s one thing I love about the Internet, it’s the real people behind the screens and the way this little world can make us feel less alone, more inspired and motivated to color our communities with good.

So tell me, tell me anything!

Click here to get started, I love you! 

Happy Monday!

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