The Lady Dorito & Other For Women Products We Can Do Without

Hey gals! Sorry if you couldn’t hear me over the loud crunching of your traditional chip. In case you missed it, Doritos supposedly announced a Lady Dorito over the weekend and people were rightfully incensed. They’ve since denied that a chip-for-galz was in the works, but given the long line of utterly insane “for her” products, you can’t really blame people for thinking it was serious.

The hashtag #UnnecessarilyGenderedProducts is a goldmine of hilarious, mostly pink, items that have been branded as more women friendly for really no good reason at all.

We rounded up a few of our favorite female focused products on the market, as a fun reminder that while we may not have equal pay, we at least have pink tool boxes (and don’t forget lady pens!).

Here to help you with the dishes and haunt your nightmares, is Scrub Mommy. And while no one is denying that a scrubber and a sponge is a totally useful kitchen tool, the fact that one of the selling points tells you to “sanitize her in the dishwasher or microwave” is a strong argument against gendering a sponge.

Tired of the aggressive masculine energy of Altoids? Wish you had a tiny mirror that was both easily accessible and also covered in peppermint dust? Sweethearts Peppermint Mints are here for you, girl. Enjoy!

Just going to point out that the bag says “Sleep Around!” on the side. Ok bye.

Where to begin. This 69 piece kit comes with a decent range of tools and a pink bag to help you remain unthreatening and ladylike through even the toughest of household repairs.

And hey, if you prefer products that come in pink, you should absolutely go out and get the products you want for you. But the fact that products for women are often just more expensive, pink versions of things that were actually for women in the first place is just one of many small indignities that deserve to be highlighted.

What did we miss? Have you discovered any particularly hilarious products out there?


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