No One Knows What To Do With The New York Times’ Confusing Modern Office Furniture

Picking office furniture is generally a no frills, utilitarian endeavor. Grab some desks, chairs, file cabinets, conference tables and call it a day. Whoever was in charge of that task for the New York Times, though, decided to spice up the workspace with some modern pieces—so modern, in fact, that they’re baffling the staff.

It started Wednesday morning with a Tweet from NYT editor Erin McCann, featuring a strange J-shaped chaise:

Soon, the responses started coming in from Twitter users, including some other Times employees.

You can check them out in a video, and see a peek of another modern piece, a yellow chair, in the background:

If you’re wondering how you can get this modern masterpiece for yourself, one intrepid WSJ reporter solved the mystery: It’s the Lowseat chaise designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Tell us, how would you sit on it?

h/t Architectural Digest


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