No Headboard? Amazing Projects You Can Easily Make in a Day

If your bedroom was an outfit, your headboard would be the statement piece. Whether you want to use it for late night reading support, or just like how a headboard frames a bed, here are easy-to-pull-off headboards you can knock out in an afternoon.

If you’re lucky enough to have free range with your walls but aren’t into building, try painting the space directly behind your bed. Paper and Stitch chose a great teal blue/green. It might not offer any support, but it does a great job breaking up a large bedroom.

And Then We Tried takes leather to the next level with a headboard project that can easily be scaled for any bed size. I love how with a few, simple steps you can have such a polished, upscale look. There’s even an extra layer of storage hidden behind there if you click through.

Or for an even easier wood DIY, one, large, live edge slab instantly becomes a headboard with a few wall anchors. Even if you can’t find a single piece, you can fake the look with plywood and a jigsaw.

Everyone knows about Sarah Sherman Samuel’s DIY woven headboard (above), but her creative genius doesn’t stop there. Check out how her DIY floor cushion headboard cozies up a tight space.

This DIY canopy bed from Megan Pflug is as easy to make as installing a curtain rod. I love how customizable this mini canopy is and how easy it looks to take down and clean.

Jenni Li and Hans Gissinger took the basic tapestry concept and ramped up the personality. They hand painted a large piece of linen that offsets their all white bedding perfectly. This is a perfect option for renters too! Use command hooks to hang and your unpaintable walls will take on new life.

Ashley of Sugar & Cloth uses peel-and-stick wood tiles for an IKEA MALM update. If you don’t have a headboard you can update, stick the tiles to a simple plywood sheet and anchor to your bed or wall.

Related Video: DIY a Mood Headboard 2 Ways


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