6 Smarter Ways to Store Silverware in a Small Kitchen

Unless you only eat with your hands, you have silverware. And unless you’re a super minimalist who has only one set of cutlery and enjoys hand-washing it every time you eat, you probably have at least six (or, more likely, 12), full-set five-piece place settings. Which can get pretty bulky!

Here are six smarter ways to store your silverware that you haven’t thought of yet.

1. Hang them in buckets

Don’t have enough drawer space? Hang up your utensils instead! Little galvanized buckets end up looking like they were made for the job — and you can hook them onto anything from baskets to pegboards to the inside of a cupboard.

2. Layer your organizer trays

If you’re storing your silverware in a deep-ish drawer, take advantage of the depth by stacking your silverware in two layers. (Hint: A few inches is totally deep enough!) We love this custom option from Cameo Kitchens, but you don’t need a professional to pull this off. Either use two ready-made utensil holders and stack them on top of one another to lift out or slide when you need your extra silverware, or buy an integrated in-drawer system from a company like Rev-a-Shelf.

See the rest of the room: Brown/Nilon Kitchen at Cameo Kitchens

3. Store them upright

If you have an extra-deep drawer, think vertically. Use tall drawer dividers (try looking in a store’s closet organization section) to make compartments, or simply reuse old tissue boxes or storage containers to do the trick.

4. DIY your divider.

The problem I’ve found with many of the utensil dividers at retail stores is that they don’t quite fit in my drawers, so I end up with awkward, wasted space. The solution: Make your own dividers based on the exact layout that works for you, like Kevin & Amanda did using 1/4-inch-thick poplar board.

5. Set up a cubby on your counter

Sure, a little cubby like this one featured on Heart Handmade UK will take up space on your counter, but it also doubles as decoration for the space. And it’ll make your kitchen feel like a cozy little cafe where people are told to help themselves.

Get more pastel inspiration: Heart Handmade UK

6. Make a portable caddy

A DIY caddy is another great option if you lack drawer space or if your family has a lot of outdoor or living room picnics. Blogger Lily Ardor used recycled cans, a piece of wood, and some leather scraps to make this version.

Get the directions: Silverware Caddy at Lily Ardor

This post originally ran on Kitchn. See it there: 8 Kitchens That Make Clutter Look Good



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