We’re in Bog Love With These AI-Created Candy Heart Messages

In her latest project to train a neural network, Janelle Shane challenged the AI to generate new messages for candy hearts — just in time for Valentine’s Day. And while she left off the steamier, NSFW versions (though you can request them through this form), the AI-created candy hearts are deliciously dorky. In a long-term relationship, Dad-joke, pet-name kind of way.

There’s one thing for certain: if Shane’s artificial intelligence were actual humans, we’re picturing less Cylons and more sweet goofballs who just wants to make you laugh. Like Wall-E — or Johnny 5.

Across two posts on her blog, AI Weirdness, Shane shared a list of new candy heart message options. By feeding her neural network a data set of about 500 messages (360 existing plus her favorite AI-generated messages from previous experiments), the neural network came up with some endearing new confectionary quotations that go from cuddly to quizzical — or “Love Bum” to “Wink Bear.” And there were a lot of new Care Bear-style names to think about.

“The first thing I noticed is the definite upswing in the number of messages involving bears,” Shane wrote in her second post. “In fact, I’m seeing worrying signs of a bear-based feedback loop that might lead to 100% bear content after a few more iterations of this.

Neural Network, you Sweet Tank you, we are so here for that. In the meantime, I’ll be creating our own candy hearts for everyone in my life using some of these gems you’ve just delivered:

for my friends at Central Texas Pig Rescue

for the Galentine or Palentine going through a breakup

because citrus puns with double entendres are adorable

Probably will be avoiding SWEAT POO, LOVE BAN, SWEET MEAT, and U HACK. Actually, I can think of a few people I’d love to send a bag of that last one.

h/t Fast Company



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