Before and After: A Pretty Jaw-Dropping Living Room Redo

This is a very nice living room! If it has a flaw, it’s that it is all a bit…beige, with endless shades of taupe and brown. Check out the renovation that makes the room’s many assets pop — and makes you forget there was ever any beige involved.

(Image credit: Noelle Moreno)

It’s now so fantastic! The whitewashed fireplace has the charm of a fairytale castle, the wallpaper is incredibly striking without being aggressive, the palette is delicious, the invitingly plush rug adds yellow accents, and the many bold new seating options are just made for snuggling up with a good book. As reader Noelle told us, that’s exactly what this room is for:

[We] wanted a space to listen to music and read. No TV, just lounge and relax. A space to relax and decompress in.

That’s an intriguing idea! If you had enough rooms in your house, would you have one living room with a television and one without?


(Image credit: Noelle Moreno)

Here’s another view of the living room looking towards the equally beige entry and stairway. I might not love the color scheme, but Noelle is a bit harsher:

Dismal living room that wasn’t getting a lot of love. Family liked to hang in other rooms more. Furniture was a mix of old pieces that weren’t loved.

I know what Noelle means; when a room is furnished with a hodge podge of pieces acquired for other spaces, it can feel a bit like the Island of Misfit Toys. That being said, I wouldn’t call this space dismal, but the room before is nowhere near as fun and fascinating as the room now.

Did you notice the monkey wallpaper? I did not expect that, but I love it. The monkeys’ adventures add playfulness — and something to stare at whilst daydreaming. The white leaves tie together with the fireplace, columns, console, and other white accents, while the gold details add a subtle glitz that works perfectly with the lights, mirror, tray, and other brass accessories.

Noelle was good enough to share exactly how much this project cost in time and money, as well as a full list of resources:

Took 30 days. Spent $13,000 (including design fees) and literally started fresh. Largest splurge was the amazing wallpaper from Half Full.

  • Wallpaper: Half Full
  • Console: Custom
  • Storage Ottoman: Mimico
  • Wallscape Planters: West Elm
  • Felt Moon Pillows: West Elm
  • MCM Planter: West Elm
  • Tripod Table: West Elm
  • Wall Sconce: Rejuvenation
  • Staggered Glass Brass Wall Sconces: WEst Elm
  • Swivel Chair: Pottery Barn
  • Brass Wall Mirror: CB2
  • Fes Rug: West Elm
  • Spencer Chair Recliner: West Elm
  • Diffuser: West Elm
  • Blanket: West Elm
  • Table/Plant Stand: IKEA
  • Red Lacquered Tray: Target
  • Coasters: Areaware
  • Handblown Glass Pitcher & Glasses: IKEA
  • Paper Airplane Sculpture: Seletti
  • White Handmade Vases: HD Buttercup
  • Cork Container: Hay
  • Glass Containers: Hay
  • Vintage Letter Board: Target
  • Brass Floor Lamp: Target

That’s a nice mix of luxurious and accessible items, and they all come together so well!

Here’s what Noelle’s family loves about the new room:

Everything. Everyone listens to music and reads and even the kids are enjoying the space . They all find reasons to be in there all the time. Daughter even wrote me a thank you note for designing the living room.

Between a thank-you note from a kid and that darling doggo, my heart is overflowing! It’s all too lovely, and I’m so happy Noelle’s family has a beautiful room that brings them together. And by the way, including a photo of your puppers with your Before & After submission is always appreciated.

Thank you, Noelle!


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