Dash Five Years: A Handyman Tool Party

We celebrated Dash’s fifth birthday this past weekend with a Home Depot Handyman party that might go down in the history of Hampton kid parties as one of my top five favorites, but that’s a tough call. It’s just that little boys in hard hats and tool aprons slay me.

 photo print 37_zpsdvtxoq9e.jpg

Also, my dad and Gary played a huge part in making this party memorable as they designed a building activity for the kids where they got to use tools to create a playhouse together. The sight of my dad teaching the kids how to hammer nails and letting them work the power saw will forever keep this party extra special in my memory.

 photo print 48_zpsje5ihepj.jpg

We did a breakfast party again which I’m loving because it’s easy to plan the food, the moms huddle over brunch treats in my kitchen (which I love–it’s like two parties in one), and we still have the entire day when the party is over. Plus, the kids are happy and well rested in the morning, so there’s way less chance of a party meltdown.

 photo print 4_zpskhzuzypz.jpg

We served egg cups (basically my egg casserole mix poured into cupcake tins), fresh fruit cups and donuts (cupcakes later), and I set up a bagel station where guests could toast and prepare their own bagel concoctions. I’ll totally repeat this menu for breakfast parties to come because it’s easy, and everyone finds something they like.

 photo print 30_zpsfbuneydm.jpg

 photo print 31_zpsj24spliv.jpg

Dash wanted “tool cupcakes,” so I found these tool candy molds as well as a nuts and bolts one and used colored candy melts to make chocolate cupcake toppers. We found the chocolate rocks at Hobby Lobby (I’ll add a list of all the party goods with links and sources at the end of this post). I’m so happy with how they turned out.

 photo print 29_zpsbadd4m5o.jpg

 photo print 28_zpsjtvb5dbe.jpg

 photo print 12_zpswsphqtal.jpg
Tool Sticker Activity Book

 photo print 15_zpsu3lpvlxm.jpg

The Dollar Tree had the best selection of handyman supplies, so each of our party guests got a toolbox filled with safety goggles and a tape measure.

 photo print 10_zpsdq0httlr.jpg

And Home Depot had the little tool aprons for only $.97 a piece. We slipped in two screwdrivers–a flat head and a Phillips, for all their handyman needs.

 photo print 32_zps3jrjfsa8.jpg

Free party decor = raid the garage.

 photo print 11_zps3py2umd2.jpg

Dash began counting down for this party two weeks ago, announcing the amount of days left until his party first thing every morning after he woke up.

 photo print 76_zps1strola3.jpg

 photo print 22_zpsrq87d1be.jpg

 photo print 23_zpsxuedkf3g.jpg

My favorite part was watching the handymen go off to work…

 photo print 44_zpsplcwlyi7.jpg

My dad and Gary had everything planned perfectly. The first station was a hammer lesson. They set up a 2 x 4 with rows of roofing nails already started, so the kids got to take their turn with the hammer, seeing how many “bang-bangs” it took to drive the nail all the way in.

 photo print 46_zps1kggp30f.jpg

On the other end of the board were pre-drilled holes and screws ready to be tightened. The boys used their screwdrivers to secure the screws.

 photo print 50_zpsdm7uo46v.jpg

Next up was measuring. Using their tape measures and pencils, they took turns marking off assigned measurements…

 photo print 51_zpsbwq36mbf.jpg

 photo print 52_zps0jqknjeq.jpg

…then carried the boards over to the saw station to be cut for the playhouse beams.

 photo print 55_zpspsje1zaq.jpg

Once the beams were cut, the kids worked together to add the walls (pre-measured and cut by my dad before the party) and secure them all in place with screws, taking turns with the power drill.

 photo print 64_zpss1w4hdvc.jpg

 photo print 66_zpsikoqhbmr.jpg

You could certainly use weather-proof wood to build a real playhouse, but since we just wanted a fun party activity, we went with the cheapest building supplies–external siding. It will be repurposed for some signs my dad needs, so it’s not a total waste.

 photo print 58_zpsrflawrlq.jpg

 photo print 74_zpsdunoeymz.jpg

My face hurt from smiling when it was all built. Cutest thing ever, and the kids were so happy and in their element, proud to be given the opportunity to do some good hard work with grown-up tools.

 photo print 38_zpsuduxumb0.jpg

Then there was the crew too little to get their contractor’s licenses, so they stayed in the house and played.

 photo print 73_zpskal4sx4m.jpg

Nella could have assisted building, but there was a baby in sight, so…game over.

 photo print 41_zpsc4tsq9su.jpg

Dash was thrilled with all of it and so ridiculously happy to have his friends celebrate his day with him. I told Brett later, “This is the year. This is the one where his birthday means more to him than it probably ever will again.”

 photo print 67_zpsxxyfip9u.jpg

 photo print 70_zpsbvpnjgol.jpg

Also…no injuries! No flying hammers! Now if I could just put these little handymen to work on my bathroom that needs help. Here, let’s see how you work a sledgehammer. 

Loving so much where we are at five years old…his little voice and daily inquiries and creative mind that does not stop. So thankful for this boy and everything he is.

 photo print 75_zpsl8smw1l7.jpg

Party Sources:

Tool Candy Mold: Amazon
Nuts and Bolts Candy Mold: Amazon
Chocolate Rocks: Hobby Lobby
Tool Sticker Albums: Amazon
Toolboxes and Tools: Dollar Tree
Plastic Hard Hats: Amazon
Orange Construction Vests (set of 3): Amazon
Tool Aprons: Home Depot
Dash’s Overalls: Target (no longer available, but these Dickies ones are and are handyman worthy)

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