Cool, Portable Tech Brought to You by…IKEA?

Last year IKEA announced their upcoming collaboration with Teenage Engineering, an über hip audio tech company, hinting at some new, future forward home tech coming our way. Last week the blue and yellow giant posted a sneak peek on Instagram, and the colaboration looks pretty cool.

“We know that for younger people spontaneity is key. The idea of gathering some friends could become a reality in minutes… Together with Teenage Engineering we want to explore the possibilities of bringing the party with you and what else you need for a great party.” Michael Nikolic, Creative leader at IKEA Range & Supply said in last year’s announcement.

While the Instagram post doesn’t say exactly what they’re working on or what we’re looking at, the eagle eyed folks over at The Verge see “speakers and a few lighting options, including an LED brick and a portable spot that has several types of filters that can be affixed to the front.” The collection looks streamlined, bright and hip without being too hip, and in the traditional IKEA way, doesn’t look overly fussy.

It’s also not the only audio tech the retailer has in the works; in December, IKEA announced a partnership with Sonos that some are thinking is its answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

We’ll have to wait for more details around the release of the collection in February 2019, but in the meantime, we can just fantasize about all the cool impromptu parties we’ll be able to host a year from now.

h/t The Verge


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